Hometown Projects


We're Hometown Projects, a multi-platform business founded and based in Northampton, England, using the mediums of clothing, events, media and community projects, to help promote the power of the hometown. 

We believe that it's important to love where you're from - warts and all. There's no point in saying that you hate your hometown, or that it's not quite what you want it to be, that won't do a thing to help. That's why we exist. We heard enough negativity, and we decided it was time to do something about it. 

Northampton is a smaller community than what larger cities have, which means that, naturally, a lot of people feel inclined to go and pursue their talents or chase their dreams elsewhere. We believe that's a huge loss and disservice, not only to the local communities, but to the individuals themselves. They shouldn't have to run away. 

We're here to help create a conversation and platform, not only for out local community, but empowering everyone, everywhere, to do the same in theirs. 

We want local artists, businesses and creatives to be able to flourish, not just in Northampton, but in every town and city that people call home. Whether that's through creating music events, having valuable media output, clothing, community projects that helps people feel loud and proud about where they are, the platform will exist. 

Proactivity and positivity is key. Nobody else will make our places and spaces better for us, we have to do it ourselves. 

This is all part of a Hometown Project, but a global idea.